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Idaho Supreme Court RFP 2023-01 Internet Services


Through RFP 2023-01 Internet Services, the Idaho Supreme Court (“ISC”) seeks proposals from qualified vendors to provide Internet Services at forty-six (46) locations specified within this RFP, and at additional locations that ISC may need Internet Services at in the future. ISC does not currently have commercial Internet Services at the forty-six (46) locations and relies on private connections through government partnerships.  
Vendors are asked to submit pricing pursuant to “Attachment 5 – Cost Proposal” for each location that they are offering to provide Internet Services. Vendors are not required to offer Internet Services at all locations. However, Vendors must offer to provide Internet Services at five (5) or more of the locations to be considered for an award of a Contract. Proposals that offer to provide Internet Services at fewer than five (5) of the locations will be considered non-responsive and will not be evaluated. The Court reserves the right to not award any or all locations.

The forty-six (46) locations specified in this RFP are owned or leased by county government, not ISC and some may be considered historical buildings. Thus, implementation of Internet Services at each location will require permission from the owner(s) of the properties. For those locations at which ISC, in its sole discretion, chooses to implement Internet Services, ISC and Offeror will work together in good faith to obtain permission from such owner(s).


Proposals are due by 5 p.m. Mountain time on May 1, 2023.


All documents related to this Request for Proposals can be found below:


  • • RFP 2023-01 Internet Services Instructions  Word | PDF
  • • Appendix A Contract  Word | PDF
  • • Appendix B Cost Spreadsheet   XLS
  • • Addendum No. 1   Word | PDF
  • • Addendum No. 2   Word | PDF
  • • Notice of Proposal Opening and Names of Offerors   PDF


Additional information concerning this RFP will be posted here. Vendors are responsible for monitoring this site for updates to these documents.

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