Judges' Training & Conference Archive

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Advancing Justice

Advancing Justice Update, District Judges Conference 2013


Case Management in the Courts, 12/07/10


Attorney's Fees

Primer on Attorney's Fees, 06/02/10


Child Custody

Informal Custody Trials are Authorized by IRCP 16(p), 04/06/11


Child Protection

Enhancing Child Safety in CP Cases Webinar, 03/14


Juvenile and Child Protection Judges Webinar, 01/04/12


Civil Case Law

ISC Civil Case Review,District Judges Conference 2013


Computer Crime

Discovery and Computer Crime, District Judges Conference 2013


Court Management

*See also Advancing Justice materials


Death Penalty

How to Handle a Death Penalty Case Procedurally, 12/12


Decision Making by Judges

Decision Making by Judges, District Judges Conference 2013



*See also Computer Crime materials



Dealing with Suspension and Reinstatement of Driving Privileges, 12/01/10



Judicial Ethics and Ex-Parte Communication, 05/04/11



Idaho State Bar

Family Law/Divorce

*See also Child Custody materials

Termination of Parental Rights, 06/30/11


Family Law Update Webinar, 12/02/09



Judges Presentation on the ISP Forensic Laboratories, 01/08/14



The new Online Guardian-Conservator Training Course, 06/30/11


Immigration Law

Ten Things Every Judge Should Know About Immigration Law, 06/06/12



A Judgment That Complies with Rule 54(a), District Judges Conference 2013


Questionable Judgement? Final Judgments and Other Concerns from the Appellate Courts, 04/07/10



*See also Child Protection materials 

Juvenile Detention Orders & IV-E Findings, 09/18/12


Legal Research

*See also West Law/West Next materials



Mediation Ethics, District Judges Conference 2013


Medical Malpractice

Managing Medical Practice Litigation From Beginning to End, 01/05/11


Post-Conviction Relief

Post-Conviction Practice/Procedure, District Judges Conference 2013


Post-Conviction Relief Webinar with Judge Gratton, 03/02/11



Sex Offender Management, 07/23/13


HB 648 Implementation Update, 06/05/13


PSI Sentencing Report, 05/01/13


Introduction to Restorative Justice Practices, 05/20/13


Evidence-Based Sentencing, District Judges Conference 2013


Sentencing Judges: Veterans resources for all of Idaho and how to incorporate those programs into your sentencing, 11/11/11


IDOC Trio of Retained Jurisdiction Sentencing Alternatives, 03/03/10


A Guide to Evidence-Based Corrections Practice for Judges, 02/03/10


Termination of Parental Rights

*See also Family Law/Divorce materials


Tort Law

*See also Medical Malpractice materials



*See also Sentencing materials


West Law/West Next

Advanced Session on Westlaw Next and WestCheck, 04/04/12


Introduction to Westlaw Next -The Next Generation of Legal Research, 02/01/12

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