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Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 11(b)(4). Withdrawal Upon Death, Extended Illness, Absence, or Disbarment of Attorney.

In the event of the death, extended illness, absence, suspension or disbarment from the practice of law of an attorney of record in an action, if such attorney has not indicated on the appearance that the attorney is associated with a partnership, firm, corporation or other attorneys in the action, then no further proceedings can be had in such action that will affect the rights of the party represented by such attorney until the order has been served as provided in this rule. Such order may be obtained and served by any party to the action, or the party's attorney, in the same manner and with the same effect as service of the order by a withdrawing attorney as provided in this Rule 11. 


(Amended January 8, 1976, effective March 1, 1976.)

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